Since 1961

“When I build a piece of furniture I never thought about the time but just to make them last forever…”
Domenico Cugliari, Founder.


Colle Allegro – Arezzo

Designed by Emanuele Svetti

Colle Allegro “New Tuscan Luxury Life Style” is the pay-off of the project, inspired by the style that the Gori Family wanted to give to this place. The project aims at giving back this style to an area characterized by the shabby rural genesis and unfortunately decayed. The project is a work of the avant-gardes, a scratch by Fontana, which doesn’t want to be limited to the simple recovery of the area and its architecture, but it was imagined to paint on a canvas with fast signs, to scratch the place by creating on it constructions that show the viewer how a modern three-dimensionality exists and is ready to dialogue with the past.
The Villa is the focus of the project, 5 completely independent luxury apartments with the same floor area, with views on both sides of the property, “loft” atmosphere and 3 common areas on the main floors that represent hospitality, entertainment and the owners. Domenico Cugliari enhanced those luxury interiors while respecting the architect’s wish to mix contemporary style with precious materials and marbles.
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