“MaDJa” is a versatile container, which interacts, protects the most expensive objects and with its simple, elegant, linear shapes becomes the protagonist in any environment.
His talent has deep roots. Since the early 1930s, its ancestors have informed, entertained and unleashed generations, transforming the good salon into a place full of emotions, one of those places of the heart that still nourishes our memory today. MaDJa, is a continuous discovery, thanks to an artificial intelligence it supports musical tastes and more … The talking furniture is only looking for a theater to perform in, small, intimate, a bit like yours.
Data sheet:
MaDJa reinterprets itself. The furnishing and storage function is dressed with creativity and technology. The cabinet is in fact equipped with a refined Hi-Fi 2.1 system which makes it an object to interact with. Through its technological soul, you can find out about the time, listen to the radio, connect to your smartphone to play your favorite music with the ability to recharge it thanks to a wireless base. All functions are controlled by three large rotors which inform about the configuration in use via a discrete matrix and soft colors. Inside the container there is a compartment (hidden from view) where satellite decoders, TV boxes or any other accessory capable of improving the audio experience are housed. In addition, upgrades can be implemented later to give new exciting functions. The technological soul, signed by the master of sound Gianni Labate, is set in a handcrafted shell, finely crafted by the carpenters of Domenico Cugliari 1961. Wood craftsmen, those of the past, who combine precious materials, metals, leathers, contemporary finishes .
The wood used is Teak, the metal inserts are in natural or rosegold steel, the top is in full-grain leather, the colored door has a matte lacquer that is velvety to the touch. The foot takes up the design of a glorious German radio of the 60s and the music spreads from the side speakers and on the bottom of the cabinet.
Nothing is immediate, talent must be discovered.
Made by Domenico Cugliari
Designed by Giovanni Cugliari,
Alessandro Licciardello, Fabio Montaleone
2021 Domenico Cugliari sas – All Rights Reserved.